Spesifikasi Program – Program Sarjana

Study Program : Economics
Educational Level : Bachelor
Number of Lecture : 33 Lecturers
Website : https://economics.uii.ac.id/
Degree : Bachelor of Economy (Sarjana Ekonomi – SE)
Year of Established : 1991
Number of Semester : 8 Semesters
Accreditation : A (BAN PT 2018)
Graduate Profile : Economics graduates who has Islamic character and has superior competence to work as:1. Economic and Financial Analyst

2. Researchers

3. Academician

4. Entrepreneurs

ELO : Attitudes,  General Skills, Special Skills, and  Mastery of Knowledge
Qualifications of Prospective Students : Graduated from SMA / SMK / MA, Passed New Students Admission Exam
Main of Learning Process : student centered learning that contains Islamic and excellence values
Form of Learning : Interactive Lecturing, discussion,case study, drill and practice
Credit(s) : 144 credits:17 credits of University Courses

112 credits of Core Courses

15 credits of Elective Courses

Final evaluation method : Passed minimum credit(s)Completion of Final Assignment

Completion of Comprehensive Examination

Field of graduate work : Economic and Financial Analyst at government or private sector, Researchers, Academician, Entrepreneurs
Curriculum : Curriculum 2016
Syllabi and RPS arranged : Based on ELO
Learning IT System : Unisys and Google Classroom
Learning Method : Student Centered Learning
Learning Evaluation : Evaluation of ELO and CLO (course learning outcomes)
Monev of learning : Conducted regularly by internal quality assurance system. Monev in related 4 year study period including evaluation of drop out.
Update Period : 20 November 2018